QUIPSInfant is the pediatric module of the German QUIPS project, its international version is PAIN OUT infant. QUIPSI has been running since 2011. Children between the ages 4 and 18 can be interviewed about their postoperative pain therapy and possible side effects.
Pain is assessed from the patients‘ point of view, using the validated ‚Faces Pain Scale – revised‘ by Hicks et al. and a standardized instruction on how to do it.

QUIPSI/PAIN OUT infant can be carried out in operative centers of any size. Neither a minimum number of beds nor a broad variety of surgeries is required. As a valid data collection is of high priority, the modular participation package includes a detailed training course and written guidelines for the standard operating procedures. The not-for profit project is supported by several scientific societies. For QUIPS and PAIN OUT participants, QUIPSI or PAIN OUT infant is free of charge.

Translations of the QUIPSI questionnaire are currently available in Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, and Russian.

If you are interested in participating in QUIPSi, please send us an e-mail.

More information about the German QUIPS project can be found here:

www.quips-projekt.de [in German].

PAIN OUT Infant questionnaires (process and outcome) in all languages can be downloaded here.