PAIN OUT Publication strategy

This policy regulates access to the PAIN OUT data with the aim to improve the quality of publications, ensuring and standardizing reference in publications, and regulating co-authorship.


Whenever a PAIN OUT partner wants to use multicenter data for publications, all PAIN OUT centers that have contributed data can request collaboration or raise objections (see the PAIN OUT publication strategy which is an annex to the contract).

Proposals for scientific publications

Publication plans need to be submitted for approval to the publication board. Please use this form: 

Who is allowed to publish PAIN OUT results?

Clinics participating in PAIN OUT may use and publish their own data without restriction. Each clinic has the right to create evaluations with its data - without using the data of other clinics - and to publish them. Consultation with the PAIN OUT project management is recommended. The PAIN OUT project must be named as the method of data collection in the publication and the PAIN OUT study management must be informed (informal email to painout(at)
Data beyond the own clinic site can be analyzed and published upon request and approval by the PAIN OUT project management. For this purpose, contact is made via painout(at) The informal application must be accompanied by a summary of the planned analyses and the naming of the data sets requested. Please use the template for this purpose. Within 10 days, a decision will be made on the application, taking into account already registered research projects and publications, the state of scientific research as well as the feasibility and meaningfulness of the research question, and this decision will be communicated to the applicants.
In case of a positive evaluation of the publication proposal, the applicant signs the PAIN OUT Data Use Agreement. The submitted data sets may only be used for the approved analyses and stored within the framework of the data protection regulations. The transfer of data to third parties is not permitted. After the analysis, the data must be deleted.

The PAIN OUT project management may itself process and publish selected questions in cooperation with participating sites.

How to cite

The PAIN OUT project is to be mentioned in a prominent place in the publication. The following wording should be used: The benchmarking project "Improvement of postoperative Pain" (PAIN OUT) was used to collect the data.


Members of the PAIN OUT project management are only named as co-authors if they are substantially involved in the creation of the work.

After acceptance of the publication

All publications resulting from the PAIN OUT project will be linked on the website in order to disseminate the scientific results. Authors are therefore requested to inform the PAIN OUT project management team after acceptance of a publication (email to: