Requirements for joining

  1. an English speaking person for data input
  2. a computer with internet access
  3. Staff resources: to get meaningful results, you should be able to collect a minimum of 20 datasets/month/ward; one dataset takes around 20 minutes
  4. your ethics committee's/IRB's approval (this is not needed to start the joining process but has to be obtained before the actual data collection starts)

Joining process

  1. Interested hospital contacts PAIN OUT (see below for contact details)
  2. Our contact information sheet is sent to the interested hospital. The hospital completes it (contact details, questionnaire language needed, etc.) and sends it back.
  3. Interested hospital gets the PAIN OUT agreement via e-mail. The agreement is signed by the legal representative of the interested hospital and sent back to PAIN OUT via normal mail (two signed paper copies).
  4. The agreement is countersigned by PAIN OUT's legal representative; one copy is sent back to the new participating hospital. The agreement will include an obligation for the participant to pay a fee of 1,500 EUR per year (reduction for lower-middle and low income countries).
  5. The participating hospital gets the PAIN OUT questionnaires, the PAIN OUT standard operating procedures, and a link to the PAIN OUT e-learning website.
  6. Staff designated to collect the data from the project will then study the project’s methodology using the SOP and e-learning module. Once they successfully pass a test assessing their proficiency, the person representing the hospital receives one login to access the PAIN OUT data entry mask, the PAIN OUT benchmarkserver, and the restricted part of the PAIN OUT website.
  7. Data collection and feedback of results can start.


For all administrative matters including all questions concerning participation, please contact, +49 3641 9323398.